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Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2013 11:26:40 -0400
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On Wed, March 20, 2013 06:14, sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> ...
> ...
> When people with a typical college
> degree and a modest amount of instruction try to annotate texts according
> to some standard, 50% agreement is high.  In many cases, flipping a coin
> would give comparable results.    (01)

Only if there were only two choices for annotation of the whole document.    (02)

> I have very little faith in those annotations    (03)

To be complete; certainly.  I expect that such annotation presents *some*
of what the text intended.    (04)

> and even less faith in the attempts by most people to express
> what they're trying to say in any artificial notation.    (05)

Are you considering text to be an artificial notation?  Other than text,
i expect that most adults could express a sum of integers in
artificial notation well.    (06)

For expressing something more complex, one would want someone
skilled in using that notation.   One would want a programmer to
encode a program.  Similarly, we should want someone skilled in
the use of a particular code set to use it.  Similarly, i don't know
why we should expect someone unskilled in an ontology language
to be able to properly encode something in that language.    (07)

> I admit that
> people can learn to write computer programs -- but that is only because
> the computer is an unforgiving taskmaster.  People either give up or they
> persist until they are rewarded by getting something useful from the
> machine.    (08)

So, ontology languages should be similar.  But they should also help the
user appropriately as material in such a language is entered into a
machine.    (09)

> John    (010)

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