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I understand all of that.  This is the fundamental Davidsonian model.  Lots of NLP stuff uses the model.


What I said in the email was that the thing that plays the subject role in the verb is related to the event instance, rather than to the event type.  The relationship to the event type is “has A ever been involved in such an event”.  For the example in question, that relationship is the instance A being a donor of anything, which was not the intent of the example, or of your formal elucidation below.






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I'm using the ontology of my KR book.

> Actually, John, the last observation is slightly inaccurate. 'give' is a
> predicate. A is not connected to 'give' but rather to some "event" x...

In that ontology, 'give' is a verb in English.  With capital letters, Give is a concept type, which is a subtype of Act.

The canonical graph for Act, has the following form:


This graph is inherited by all subtypes of Act, each of which may add further links and restrictions.

When translated to predicate calculus, this graph maps to the following formula:


In English, you can read the graph or the formula as

     "There is an instance of Act x, there is an instance of Animate y, and x has y as agent."

I summarize the KR ontology at http://www.jfsowa.com/ontology/index.htm

The canonical graph for Give adds two more relations, Theme and Recipient.


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