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I'm using the ontology of my KR book.

> Actually, John, the last observation is slightly inaccurate. 'give' is a
> predicate. A is not connected to 'give' but rather to some "event" x...

In that ontology, 'give' is a verb in English.  With capital letters, Give is a concept type, which is a subtype of Act.

The canonical graph for Act, has the following form:


This graph is inherited by all subtypes of Act, each of which may add further links and restrictions.

When translated to predicate calculus, this graph maps to the following formula:


In English, you can read the graph or the formula as

     "There is an instance of Act x, there is an instance of Animate y, and x has y as agent."

I summarize the KR ontology at http://www.jfsowa.com/ontology/index.htm

The canonical graph for Give adds two more relations, Theme and Recipient.


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