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Re: [ontolog-forum] The class of the planet Venus

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Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2012 08:15:48 +0100
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Dear Len,    (01)

> Dear Matthew and Doug,
> >
> >Dear Doug,
> >> > MW: I would think a copy of a copy of a fingerprint was a copy of a
> >> > copy of a fingerprint, and not the same thing.
> >>
> >> Yet the expert when pointing to features of a projection of a photo
> >> in
> >court
> >> says, "This is the fingerprint that was left on the glass.".
> >>
> >MW: That kind of short cut statement is made all the time when it is
> >not strictly true. And just because it is what is said does not  make
> >it true either.
> >
> >Regards
> >
> But what you call "short cut" is not exception but rule (even strictly
> logically , as it may be a real business rule). And when that rule is
> the statement above becomes strictly true. That is exactly the kind of
> that would be a part of context. The question then becomes: when do these
> context rules live? To say that the statements like  "this is the
> fingerprint..." are 4D worms is not enough. This also goes to the question
> what is the application of Truth. Wittgenstein said something to the
> that "knowledge is use".    (02)

MW: That is because the question is also a short cut. The proper question
would be "is this a true copy of the fingerprint on the glass?"    (03)

Regards    (04)

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