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Actually, dude, you’ve convinced me that Paul’s statement is not a paradox.  There. 





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On Jun 16, 2012, at 11:44 PM, Rich Cooper wrote:

Dear Chris,


While I see your point when viewed solely from the perspective of logic, I find much more subtlety in the statement than you did, apparently.


Dude, whatever. You called Paul's statement a paradox. "Paradox" has a fixed, conventional meaning. Paul's statement is not a paradox. Argue for its magnificence to your heart's content; I will have no objection. Just don't call it a paradox. Because it isn't one.


Removing the "can" modal, as you suggested,...


I removed it because it doesn't alter the statement's status as a logical falsehood but it's easier to demonstrate. If you think keeping it there adds to its magnificence, have at it, Hoss. I couldn't care less.


Bottom line: Paul's statement, whether merely moderately clever or magnificent, ain't a paradox. You said it was. What you said is false.


Let me be more specific.


Pass, but thanks. Nothing you can say will be relevant to my simple point (besides, of course, "I was wrong when I said Paul's statement was a paradox", but I'll not hold my breath in anticipation).




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