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Dear John,


Peter has lost patience with the “Self Interest Ontology” thread, so it looks like I have no more opportunity to discuss this at length. 


But for this last post, please see my response below,




Rich Cooper


Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com

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>> Anybody who has a small business knows that the

>> biggest enemy of small business is*not*  the

>> government.  It's big business.  The regulations

>> that hurt small business were *not*  written by

>> government, they were written by lobbyists for big

>> business who want to stamp out the competition.



> I (a small business owner for decades) disagree.

> The government is every bit as involved in the

> corporate-government partnership.


But you're confusing cause & effect. The enemy of small business is big business.  If you weaken the government, there will be a power vacuum.


I disagree; at this time in history, it is the collusion of big businesses (especially NGOs and financial businesses at this time) with government that is the enemy of small business.  Most small businesses provide products and services to big businesses, which are their customers and friends in those markets.  Its when big business AND government get together to “regulate” markets for the benefit of big businesses in return for political support for the government elected class that small business is regulated or legislated out of economic existence. 


Both factions come into play to do the harm.  Both are equally the cause, and both must be prevented from doing further harm if there is a way to do so, for our middle class citizens to continue to do well. 


And guess who will step in to fill that vacuum.  It will not be small business, and it will not be free-spirited libertarians.  As the Republicans Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft said, it will be "the Malefactors of Great Wealth".


Teddy was right, but that is why the antitrust laws were passed way back when.  Unfortunately, they are not enforced today, with the government having grown vastly larger since then.  The “too big to fail” mantra IMHO means that any organization too big to fail should be broken down into smaller entities that can suffer consequences.  Otherwise there is no free market.  That is what the original antitrust laws were designed to do, but they are no longer effective today. 


Remember that it was the Republican Party that passed the anti-trust laws, and the two most vigorous enforcers of those laws were the Republicans TR & WHT.  That was when the Republican Party was on the side of small business.




Verbally, they still are.  But when you look at the legislation, for both parties, it works out in favor of limiting competition so that only the big businesses have economic footing to prosper.  It isn’t stated that way of course, but look at the effects of legislation on the population of small businesses versus changes in legislation.  Consistently, though not in every case, small businesses are hurt by legislation. 




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