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Dear Chris,


I am discussing ontology development from the point of view of various users, not only from the point of view of professors or logicians.  Though logic has its place in ontology, it is not sufficient to designate the objects that ontologies are about.  Numerous examples have been given by Hans, Amanda, Mike, and myself. 


May I suggest that you consider for a while exactly what those variable and constant names in a logical _expression_ refer to?  What do you do when people (e.g. on this list) disagree about what is referenced?  If ontology can’t point to meaningful objects and relationships, then it is about nothing.





Rich Cooper


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Dear Chris,

Reality is far, far more than logic.  


Indeed. Why you think this is in any way germane to my post is a mystery to me.


The purpose
of any representation of reality is so that we can
manipulate reality in ways that assist us, and so
that we can know which realities cannot be

In addition to logic, there is usefulness,
appreciation (beauty, attractiveness, elegance,
love, lust, ..), value (preference of one thing
over another given a choice), and all the

Limiting ourselves to just logic is a poor strategy, IMHO.


This is so far off the point I hardly know where to begin. Ontology engineering is about the representation of information. But there is no limitation on the type of information — it can be anything from payrolls to art to ethics. And, obviously, extra-logical methods and tools will be involved in the analysis and collection of that information. But the medium of representation in ontology engineering is formal logic and constructing ontologies in formal logic is the name of the game. It makes about as much sense to talk about "limiting" ontologists to "just logic" as it does to talk about "limiting" a conductor to "just an orchestra". If you are not talking about issues and problems related ultimately to the representation of information — any information — in logic, you are not talking about ontology engineering.




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