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Re: [ontolog-forum] What goes into a Lexicon?

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Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2012 16:17:45 -0500
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Back to my original question: What goes into a Lexicon?    (01)

The recent discussions have included:
   1.) concepts, 2.) constructs, 3.) primitives [and other maths], 4.) 
terms 5.) axioms    (02)

And there have been references to
   a.) lists, b.) vocabularies, c.) synonyms & multiple identifiers    (03)

Little or no mention has been made of
   i.) economics (cost/benefit) within the ontology ii.) semantics    (04)

Perhaps we should identify when we are talking about: Grammatical | 
Semantic | Linguistic systems.    (05)

Chomsky's view (1965) of grammatical systems includes:
   A syntactic part made of up:
        (Phase Structure Rules, Lexicon with rules of insertion, 
Transformational Component)
   A semantic part component (from Katz & Fodor?) composed of:
        (projection rules, semantic markers)    (06)

Mary Dee Harris (1985) reviews the field to that date, and demonstrates 
an implementation of a lexical record as a head containing:
      a word (or I presume a phrase) having
         a grammatical child (a role in a sentence) and
         a semantic child (of markers, constraints and relations)    (07)

On Ontologies: It is my view that ontologies only add value when:    (08)

    They facilitate more intelligent processing than is provided by 
existing DB systems (not the DB itself) provide (this is justified in 
terms of time to find allied relations and constraints and methods, this 
might entail some semantics, I'm not sure yet),    (09)

       AND    (010)

    The user community (of the ontology) is large enough to support a 
more complex vocabulary for problem solving (meaning that there are more 
methods that use finer grained processing of semantic differences than 
in a DB system).    (011)

-John Bottoms
  FirstStar Systems
  Concord, MA    (012)

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