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From: "doug foxvog" <doug@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 13:11:47 -0500
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Matthew West wrote:    (02)

> I understand your view. How shall you handle rain and snow?    (03)

Rain & snow refer to physical precipitation particles, the precipitation in
bulk, the process that produces the precipitation, storms as events, and
storms as objects.    (04)

Cyc's representation of these different, but related things (leaving out
comments and some additional statements) includes:    (05)

(isa PrecipitationParticle ExistingObjectType)
(genls PrecipitationParticle Particle)
(genls PrecipitationParticle InanimateObject-Natural)    (06)

(isa RainProcess ProcessType)
(genls RainProcess PrecipitationProcess)    (07)

(isa SnowProcess ProcessType)
(genls SnowProcess PrecipitationProcess)    (08)

(isa Rainwater ExistingStuffType)
(genls Rainwater (LiquidFn Water-Fresh))    (09)

(isa SnowMob ExistingStuffType)
(genls SnowMob (SolidFn Water))    (010)

(isa Snowflake ExistingObjectType)
(genls Snowflake PrecipitationParticle)
(genls (MobFn Snowflake) SnowMob)    (011)

(isa Raindrop ExistingObjectType)
(genls Raindrop PrecipitationParticle)
(genls Raindrop Rainwater)    (012)

(relationAllExists outputsGenerated PrecipitationProcess
                         (MobFn PrecipitationParticle))
(relationAllExists outputsGenerated RainProcess (MobFn Raindrop))
(relationAllExists outputsGenerated SnowProcess (MobFn Snowflake))    (013)

(isa StormAsObject ExistingObjectType)
(genls StormAsObject InanimateObject-Natural)
(relationAllExists physicalParts StormAsObject CloudInSky)    (014)

(isa RainStormAsObject ExistingObjectType)
(genls RainStormAsObject StormAsObject)
(relationAllExists physicalParts StormAsObject CloudInSky)
(relationAllExists physicalParts StormAsObject (MobFn Raindrop))    (015)

(isa SnowStormAsObject ExistingObjectType)
(genls SnowStormAsObject StormAsObject)
(relationAllExists physicalParts StormAsObject CloudInSky)
(relationAllExists physicalParts SnowStormAsObject (MobFn Snowflake))    (016)

(not (relationExistsAll doneBy PrecipitationProcess StormAsObject))
  (not (relationExistsAll doneBy PrecipitationProcess StormAsObject))
  "A StormAsObject would include Duststorms, which don't (necessarily)
include precipitation.")    (017)

(relationExistsAll doneBy RainProcess RainStormAsObject)
(relationExistsAll doneBy SnowProcess SnowStormAsObject)    (018)

(isa StormAsEvent ExistingObjectType)
(genls StormAsEvent ImmediateWeatherProcess)    (019)

(isa RainStormAsEvent ExistingObjectType)
(genls RainStormAsEvent StormAsEvent)
(relationAllExists subprocesses RainStormAsEvent RainProcess)
(relationAllExists doneBy RainStormAsEvent RainStormAsObject)    (020)

(isa SnowStormAsEvent ExistingObjectType)
(genls SnowStormAsEvent StormAsEvent)
(relationAllExists subprocesses SnowStormAsEvent SnowProcess)
(relationAllExists doneBy SnowStormAsEvent SnowStormAsObject)    (021)

(isa SnowStormAsObject ExistingObjectType)
(genls SnowStormAsObject StormAsObject)
(relationAllExists physicalParts SnowStormAsObject (MobFn Snowflake))    (022)

> Jack
> On Jan 26, 2012, at 6:09 AM, Matthew West wrote:
>> The main problem here is one of different people using terms
>> differently. Hardly an ontological problem per se, but certainly a
>> problem that causes confusion in developing ontologies.    (023)

This is always a problem for ontologists.  The different meanings have
to be teased apart.    (024)

>> Interestingly as a 4 dimensionalist I don’t recognise endurants at all,
>> but I do recognise activities, physical objects, and participants. Under
>> this world view all individuals (including activities, physical objects
>> and participants) are spatiotemporal extents, and you discover that an
>> activity consists of its participants, where a participant is the state
>> of a physical object that participates in some activity. So I recognise
>> the things you talk about. However, I would assign the term “system” to
>> the physical object the participant is a state of.    (025)

I would not restrict the term "system" merely to physical objects.  But
having multiple clearly defined concepts which different people use that word
for in different contexts, is fine.  They just need different URIs.    (026)

-- doug    (027)

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