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Actually, Peirce made the point that we make predictions every minute or even every second of our lives -- and most of them are so accurate that we don't even realize that we are making predictions..

> Nowadays our best prognostication is the weather forecasting.

Every time we take a step, put food on a plate, or go to the bathroom, we are making predictions about gravity.  Just look how people behave when they're in outer space.

Professional athletes make extremely accurate predictions about how a ball -- golf, tennis, basketball, baseball, etc. -- will react to their actions.

Whenever we drive a car (or ride in one), we stake our lives on predictions about how other drivers will behave.

Whenever we make a plane reservation, we make predictions about other people's behavior.  In fact, every time we accept money from anyone, we make a huge number of predictions about the behavior of large numbers of people in society.

Those predictions turn out to be true much more than 99% of the time.  That's far better than predicting the weather.


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