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Re: [ontolog-forum] Interpreting OWL

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Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 07:27:52 -0400
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Rich, Doug, and Pavithra,    (01)

I agree with Doug's response.    (02)

The mathematics of converting a database to or from a DAG or
a collection of tables is just simple math.  You can't read
any kind of metaphysics or other speculation into it.    (03)

_______________________________________________________________    (04)

>> > A DAG is the normal, prototypical situation of databases then.
> It depends what the database is about, whether it expresses a DAG or
> not.  A database of vendors and customers could certainly have cycles.
> Note that a graph of a single relation, whether tree, forest, DAG, or
> cyclic, does not imply that the relation is transitive.
>> > That
>> > constraint means that there is an ordering of the <relation>s on one axis
>> > and the <person/object/thing>s on another which would look like a
>> > topographic map of a square of land.
> Even in the case of a DAG, there is only necessarily a partial ordering.
>> > Specifically, the ordering of
>> > <relation>s by identifier associated with the temporal arrival sequence of
> The partial ordering would depend on the data, not on the temporal arrival
> sequence.
>> > the relation references in a <text/ontology/dictionary/lexicon> in
>> > ascending
>> > order by arrival, mapped against an ordering of <person/object/thing>s in
>> > ascending order of their own arrival.
> Note that a <person/object/thing> can arrive multiple times for many
> relations.
>> > This is the structure of a single
>> > pass analysis from beginning to end of the model.
>> >
>> > Is that intuition correct?
> It seems not.
> -- doug foxvog
>    (05)

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