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Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2010 23:38:34 +0100
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Dear Sean,


    The point was rather that, if in the semantic web, one came across something that said it was a AP214:Part which was a subtype of a STEP:Product which is a subtype of EXPRESS:Entity, which is a subtype of OLW:thing, would current approaches to the semantic web interpret it correctly? The reason for asking this question is that, in my experience, let a computer programmer loose with some constuct which is intended to have a conventional interpretation and they will ignore the convention, and manipulated according to its computational properties.


MW: Exactly, which was why I said why would you expect any two interpretations to be consistent? This was difficult enough with EXPRESS when there were thought police in control of the integrated resources. In the Wild Web just about anything could happen.


My understanding is that "semantics" in "semantic web" is concerned with the semantics of the logical operators, rather than the semantics of the terms, such as instantiate from OWL:thing. Hence, if one were to interpret OWL:thing as simply the modelling construct EXPRESS:Entity, would subsequent subtyping to STEPProduct or STEP:Version make further interpetation impossible? Or would this provide another form of Upper Ontology?


MW: Without something that was effectively an upper ontology (and people agreeing to use the one way of implementing it in OWL – or whatever) then you have little chance of integrating anything except with a pot puri of interfaces.




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Sean Barker, Bristol

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