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Re: [ontolog-forum] using SKOS for controlled values for controlled voca

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From: "John F. Sowa" <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2010 23:37:19 -0400
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On 10/9/2010 9:27 PM, Simon Spero wrote:
> The Broader Term Partitive relationship (BTP) entails that all instances
> of the the class associated with the narrower term must either be in
> some way a part of an instance of the broader term, or their separation
> must be exceptional and require explanation.    (01)

That's an excellent example.  It reflects library practice of
subdividing collections based on the number of shelf-feet of books.
(The terms 'broader' and 'narrower' are literal, not metaphorical.)    (02)

> This is just an approximation; defining the precise entailment is
 > mere ology and is left as an exercise to the reader.    (03)

Every subject has such weird nooks and crannies, and anybody who thinks
that subject X is more precise is guaranteed not to be an expert in X.    (04)

People often use physics as an example of a very precise science.
It's true that some things are precise, but there's a continuum.    (05)

To paraphrase Bismark's principle of laws and sausages, "People
will sleep sounder if they don't see how physicists derive their
theories or engineers apply them."    (06)

John    (07)

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