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[ontolog-forum] where would Y2K fit in an ontology?

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Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 01:30:04 -0400 (EDT)
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On Wed, September 29, 2010 16:33, David Eddy said:
> ....  I assume when
> someone is using big words they have something to hide.
> Like... Y2K.   Short, snappy & to the point.  Unforgettable   :-)
> Of course, it did end up having a smidge of ambiguity... some wanted
> it to mean the end of the world, others thought it meant how software
> could mishandle two digit years.
> So where would Y2K fit in an ontology?    (01)

As an instance of EnglishPhrase.  I note you were discussing words,
and mentioned that this one was ambiguous.    (02)

"Y2K" was used with several meanings.  One meaning would be the
Year2000CE, an instance of GregorianYear.  Another meaning would be
the Y2KBug, a subclass of ComputerSoftwareBug.    (03)

Another meaning would be the Y2KProblem, meaning the societal
problems expected to result from a large number of occurrences
of the Y2KBug throughout society.  This would be an instance
of SocietalRisk (among other things).  In different contexts (those of
different people's opinions at various times), the Y2KProblem would have
different properties.    (04)

-- doug foxvog    (05)

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> "Y2K" coined 12 Jun 1995 on Peter de Jager's Year 2000 list.    (06)

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