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Re: [ontolog-forum] Foundation Ontology Primitives

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   The “Mass” I refer to as a primitive is interpreted as relativistic mass, which has an energy equivalent (not rest mass).  This allows all fundamental particles including photons to be instances of “PhysicalObject”.


  Of course, each atom will also have a characteristic Mass – though the different isotopes will have different masses.  A Massive object in a normal gravitational field will have a “Weight”, depending on the strength of the field where it is measured (varies with location and altitude).  Weight is proportional to but different from Mass.  What is referred to a “atomic weight” is actually atomic Mass – just  a terminology thing.


I’m not sure if I have addressed the question.




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(I think I am on the other Pat’s list too ;-p)

On 2/2/10 10:50 AM, "Patrick Cassidy" <pat@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 I would consider "Mass" as primitive

A quick question (this is relevant to something I am working on today)
Could “Mass” (the concept as you have suggested as a primitive here) be expressed in a taxonomy equally as either an Atomic Mass or scoped to a terrestrial gravitational field based on the taxonomy authors scope or domain?



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