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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontologist Aptitude Test?

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From: "Schiffel, Jeffrey A" <jeffrey.a.schiffel@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 16:09:42 -0600
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>  From: Ed Barkmeyer
>  I don't know how to teach knowledge engineering skills; so I can't imagine 
>developing an abstract test for them. 
>  I suppose that, since one can now be a Certified UML Modeler, one could 
>probably be a Certified OWL Modeler.  OTOH, the relationship between Certified 
>OWL Modeler and "ontologist aptitude" is unknown.    (01)

This is the key to developing an OAT. Rather than first developing the test, 
instead create an Ontologist Body of Knowledge. From them, several items 
follow, including an aptitude test.    (02)

The steps in order are these:    (03)

1. Build an OBoK.
2. Build a training curriculum.
3. Build a certification test.
4. Build an aptitude test.    (04)

To get started, here are just a few possible OBoK topics:    (05)

- Training and years of experience in use of logic, including FOL and modal 
logics. Applied use, such as SQL or DL.    (06)

- Training and years of experience in conceptual structures, including 
graphical tools and formal notations like XML, UML, many others.    (07)

- Use of ontology tools, ranging from general purpose tools (e.g., databases 
and Protégé) to specialized ontology tools.    (08)

- Training or skill in general systems theory.    (09)

- Training in algebraic methods such as trees and digraphs, lattices, and 
similar group structures, and in graph theory.    (010)

- Knowledge of an "ontology life cycle," to include designing an maintaining 
individual or coupled ontologies.    (011)

- Basic principles of syntax, semantics, semiotics.    (012)

>From topics such as these, not only can a OBoK and an accomplishments test be 
>developed, but also a training curriculum. Once these three exist, an aptitude 
>test should be simple to formulate.    (013)

Regards,    (014)

-- Jeff Schiffel    (015)

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