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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontologist Aptitude Test?

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Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 10:45:29 -0500
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Joel,    (01)

JB> We are regularly confronted with tests at the end of an academic
 > period (year, semester, or course).  In New York State we have a
 > subject specific "Regents Exams" and "Scholastic Aptitude Tests"
 > or a "Scholastic Assessment Tests" (they keep changing the name),
 > at the end of 4-year degree programs we have "Graduate Record Exams".
 > - What questions would you put on an OAT?    (02)

The field of applied ontology is evolving so rapidly that *any* test
that anybody might develop today would be obsolete in two years.
Furthermore, any student who used such a test as a guide to
study would be guaranteed to be obsolete upon graduation.    (03)

As a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I usually follow the
Steelers (but only when they're winning).  And I recall some
excellent advice from Coach Chuck Noll in the glory days of
the 1970s:    (04)

  1. Look more for the long-term development of the team than
     to fill a specific position.    (05)

  2. Evaluate individual players more on their general
     athletic ability and potential than on their specific
     skills at the moment.    (06)

If I were hiring anybody, I would consider a certificate of having
passed an OAT exam as about same level as a certificate of MCP
(Microsoft Certified Professional) -- i.e., it would be an
indication that the individual was likely to become obsolete
with the next software release.    (07)

John Sowa    (08)

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