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Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 16:48:44 -0600
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In our discussions of "new logic," we should probably recall some other categorizations of logic before we wander into the desert. There are three that have been around a very long time. Their present definition is mostly from Pierce. They are:
-- Deduction, which is reasoning where necessary conclusions are made from statements - FOL,
-- Induction, which are arguments by inference, i.e., by likelihood, usually from experience, and
-- Abduction, which forms hypotheses from observed patterns.
Notice that induction and abduction are particularly phenomenological. Deductive logic is the most worked out, with first order varieties arising from reducing the number of the usual base axioms, or restricting the definition of the usual axioms; and higher order varieties gotten by expanding the number of axioms, as in adding possibility to get modal logics. the other two forms are not as mathematized, and mainly show up informally or in rhetoric.
For example, in the scientific method, all three occur to some extent.
-- Jeff Schiffel

 Pavithra  wrote: 
I think Dr. Sowa spoke about a whole list of logic after that.    In one of his earlier
emails he had sent information about predicate logic and the books available as well.

So that settles this conversation...  ( with no disrespect to Chris...  I know you have PhD in relevant topics and a professor and things )

Intuitive logic is interesting.    I beleive human brain can develop intuition after recognition a pattern.

For example,
- if I focus on a perticular person online, generally reading information - emails or books ( without messager etc which allows us to recognise that a person being online), by intuition I know when the person is online.
-  I think it is because human brains develop some kind of a pattern recognition ability that I have no explanation for. I call it intuition.   My intuition is correct most of the time and not all the time.   

Do you all have developed such ability to perceive information similiar to receiving wireless transmition?  Which is called "telepathy"?

By the way:

IBM Reveals the Biggest Artificial Brain of All Time:

From: Christopher Menzel <cmenzel@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [ontolog-forum] new logic
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Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2009, 4:20 PM
Paola Di Maio wrote:
>     No one on this list has ever said that.  You, and others, have
>     *said* that others have said that.
> I am pretty sure I read it on this list (not sure when or who or in
> relation to what)

And again this problem.

> some kind of categorical statement that 'another type of logic' is not
> possible, that there is only the FOL kind, of which all the others are
> subsets of.

No one who knows anything about logic would say such a thing.

> Which is possibly also true, to some extent, under certain scientific
> paradigm.  Its also a known epistemological stance, largely prevalent
> in the 'exact sciences' circles, where 'fuzzy logic' is a dirty word,
> for example.

Well, it's quite another thing entirely for someone to *criticize* a
logic for one reason or another or to argue that FOL is the *best* logic
for one purpose or another.

> But dont have time to search the archive now.

Sounds like a waste of time anyway.

>     > I myself and others, without being able to prove just yet, say that
>     > there are different type of logic (cant quite tell what I mean
by that
>     Which, I'm afraid, is sometimes part of the problem.
> Thats the nature of expertimental work... in the meantime, since I
> started my observations,
> much progress has been made....
> watch this space....

Consider my eyes peeled...

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