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Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 09:16:10 -0600
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> From: John F. Sowa    (01)

> Don,    (02)

> I was talking about John Boyd's original OODA loop in teaching fighter 
>pilots.  The later extensions to > project management were not on his "radar 
>screen", either literally or figuratively.    (03)

DC> > By the way, OODA has given way to MAPE (Monitor, Assess, Plan,
 > > Execute) and other process descriptions    (04)

> MAPE is not something that John Boyd would ever tell fighter pilots to think 
>about when a MIG is on their tail.    (05)

> John Sowa    (06)

John Boyd was familiar with, and agreed with, the Toyota Production System. It 
embodied OODA principles (although Toyota wasn't familiar with OODA per se).    (07)

-- Jeff Schiffel    (08)

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