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From: Randall R Schulz <rschulz@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 12:27:00 -0700
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On Sunday October 11 2009, Paola Di Maio wrote:
> Randall
> > The relatively small minority of people with the cognitive
> > abilities and proclivities to do science and engineering are enough
> > to move the human race forward.
> I find this statement very revealing of what some lucky people think
> of themselves.    (01)

It is nothing of the sort and not about what I think of myself.    (02)

> The way people's 'cognitive abilities' are measured is 
> based on a number of factors that are often purely statistical.    (03)

What I said has nothing to do with how one quantifies, defines or 
measures mental abilities.    (04)

> I  found out only recently what 'alpha kids' are. Children are ranked
> statistically based on their parents jobs, income and wealth, into A,
> B, C classes 
> Many other factors influence people cognitive abilities, ...    (05)

Of course. So what? None of this is germane to what I stated: A small 
minority of humans have been and are responsible for our scientific and 
technological progress throughout human history and pre-history. It 
only takes one person to advance knowledge or ability, after that, it 
is merely the transmission of information that makes that advancement 
available to others.    (06)

> I reject your statement above entirely, and wonder, would you be born
> and bred the Usa?    (07)

Do you think science and technology (either in their older 
trial-and-error guise or by modern scientifically based procedures) are 
carried out by other than a minority of all the humans who have and do 
live? I do not.    (08)

You seem to think I'm making some kind of value judgement elevating 
practitioners of science and engineering above others. I am not.    (09)

> About Google you say ' it's largely incidental; a "right place at the
> right time with the right tool" kind of thing.'
> doesn't the whole universe looke like rather incidental too?    (010)

I distinguish the engineered from the evolved. I'm not talking about the 
evolved, only the engineered.    (011)

> ...
> The rest that you say I have no quibble with    (012)

I missed the part with which you have no quibble.    (013)

> P    (014)

Randall Schulz    (015)

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