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Hi Ravi,



Rich Cooper


Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com



At wider metaphysical level the consciousness inherent in the smallest particle is its own "self knowledge" that is like an encapsulated knowledge that determines how that particle is to appear to behave such as be bound to electrons, single valence for a molecule, parity and spin and charge etc.


A lovely concept!  You seem to perceive a SCALE of consciousness in this email from the particle to total consciousness (Gaia in the West?) which is intuitively appealing and therefore interesting to consider. 


At higher life forms the consciousness is in Context i.e. topic based if you want to verify it externally. All expressions are through senses. But it is conceivable that a human is in coma but can not express externally but is still conscious as it knows it is alive with severe sensory limitations. <snip/>


Coming to cognitive consciousness at communication levels we are after that aspect in ontologies that enables us to compare, communicate and share knowledge and experiences and there it is relevant to study the impact of John's response for three areas.


You’re using the Western so-called “Object oriented” method at least by analogy, IMHO, to taking the point-of-view of the object you’re designing. 

if we could notionally put a weight on the consciousness expressivity related to understanding and knowledge and i realize that there is a spread there, we could someday score these to be at some level of understanding, 


A lovely concept, a consciousness scale.  I wonder what Western psychologists think about that?  Indian mythology seems to project so many complex gods and creatures, at least complex to me because I’m Western to the core.  Western mythology seems to project one resonant core spectrum with the few major religions and science. 


I would not today easily qualify to the responding level in general relativity even though I taught a grad school course 40 years ago.


How cognition and ontology are related - is my next humble submission to John and others to respond?


P.S. Rich and Chris, Best regards and request that we do not stop expressing ourselves in spite of occasional mis-communication as we are working with multiple language and cultural backgrounds, Azamat would hopefully also agree?

(Dr. Ravi Sharma)
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