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Hi Ravi, thanks for continuing the topic.  Comments interspersed below,





Rich Cooper


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John, Azamat, Rich

We have to agree that Whole is more than sum of parts such as life which generally obeys physics, chemistry etc. For example if a creature (non flying) falls down, it has to suffer consequences of acceleration due to gravity thus life may be lost but not the constituent matter. Thus in some philosophies the consciousness is the continuum that binds it all living or non-living!


What an interesting way to explain the Indian viewpoint!  I have never heard it done in a way that fits with the present scientific knowledge so clearly and convincingly!  Thanks for the vivid description.  Much better than the mysticism, funny creatures and odd names you usually see in non Indian-born projections of the same things. You must be educated in both eastern traditions and western science; am I correct?





How will that fit into realism, nominalism or reductionism or will it be excluded by those - by limiting our understanding to living or non-living matter - who have not followed that line of reasoning?



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