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Rich Cooper


Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com


John Sowa wrote:


With his famous papers of 1905, Einstein destroyed Mach's

assumptions:  his paper on Brownian motion showed that atoms

and molecules could be observed by their effects on tiny particles

that could be seen through a microscope.  His two papers about

relativity and photons assumed unobservable principles and

entities that violated all of Mach's rules about how theories

should be formulated.


But having invented relativity as a stop gap and limited solution, he missed the full, real one - subjectivity.  As the SUO group helped me decide, reality isn't the issue, it’s the observer's subjectivity that limits her observations. 


If any one of us (even Einstein) experienced riding on a beam of light, or falling free in an elevator (even in our imaginations), we would have had similar responses to Albert's.


AE just made a simple category error because he didn't have all the information available that we do now.  Subjectivity, specialized, leads to relativity. 





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