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Hi John,



Rich Cooper


Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com


You wrote:

<snip/> ...

The term "in practice" refers to the way people with different

points of view can collaborate.  However, different philosophical

positions can have a major difference on the way people think

about a subject and what research directions they choose to pursue.


There are lots of philosophical specifications written in long texts to discuss highly focused topics.  The "approved" positions are ephemeral.  Mathematically, the terminal nodes are the only real ones.  The rest are mere links.  Syntax, like psychostructural projections, are all constructed to manage reality, compress "important" traces of experience for efficiency, identify what's "important" by experience, and organize a library of memories, IMHO. 


For example, if you think that the labels attached to species are

just words that have no deeper explanation than mere coincidence,

then you're not likely to search for any deeper principles to

explain the taxonomy of plants and animals.


But if you believe that there is some deeper reality underlying

the grouping into species, then you'll search for some reason.

For example,


</distraction\> ...


But both positions #1 and #2 are more likely to lead to a

search for the mechanisms underlying the taxonomy than a

purely nominalist view that says the grouping is nothing

more than a collection of labels attached to certain groups.


Thanks!  A lovely, intuitive description of nominalism that makes it equivalent to entity tracking in concept space, IMHO. 








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