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Rich Cooper


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JS> In the play Le Médecin malgré lui, Molière satirized the claim

that opium puts people to sleep because it has "dormitive virtue."


But Peirce made the point that postulating some yet unknown

substance, such as dormitive virtue, is a useful first step.


It focuses attention on the search for some component ...

that has that effect.  That component was morphine. 


The next step was to determine why morphine has

the effects, ... scientists later discovered that it chemically

similar to internal ... "endorphins"...


There is a missing "is" in the above last block of text.  That's an example of what I mean by "category error". 


Catching every error is impossible because they multiply faster than you can catch them, if software engineering experiences turn out to be similar to ontogenic experiences.  In the end, every Individual has one recursive ontogeny and always will.  It’s the patterns, detector functions (sensors, suckers...), that have value.  That ontogeny can be cloned, but it's sterile, like every donkey, some albinos ...  . 


An ontogeny that CAN be cloned, like the Universe we discussed, is perfect, but sterile, until it recurses, iteratively, like the recursive function I sent you.  Then it becomes complete. 


I work with many lawyers who are engineers, chemists, physicists, materialists (my fond word for them) and other hard science -tists.  When I deal with the liberal arts trained ones, they place less focus on proper selection of detail and convergence, and more adherences to scripted procedure.  But then I'm an engineer who moved into expert witnessing, and haven't had one day of law school or liberal arts (just reading, writing and math, religion, politics, philosophy and that other boring school course stuff we got when we were young instead of getting experience), so my personal experiential sample isn't wide enough to be even remotely conclusive.  I work hard to keep an open mind.  They’re all Hypercubes in my Universe.  Every one is a terminal node.  Shake stir and open.  See what’s there.


I certainly agree with the concept that liberal arts should be more deeply formalized, debated, analyzing observables among nonobservables, and less distracted by randomized emotional expressions.  That’s entertaining, but we don't know how to properly capture, interpret, represent and store emotions yet, much less apply them, supposedly to manage ontogenic progress.  That's the path ontologies took in large software systems, though of course they weren't recognized as such then.  Also the axioms were often un- or underspecified. 


But that could change soon.  There's some neat new technology coming, I think, from Microsoft, called Natal.  Google it up if you wish.  Just being able to represent your own actions and the roles you play, orthogonally from (conditioned or modulated by, predicated or interpreted on…) the set of situations you find yourself in, could be enabled by that technology IMHO.  But that’s why I made the 7,209,923 technologies, implemented as an application class thereof.  I nearly completed a reference model and licensed the technology to anyone who wants to build it so long as I get my slice.  I’m not a greedy man.  Just ask my friends.  Say “why should I trust u” or some such ting………


But to begin with, Natal will use avatars to mimic your actions in the display so you can learn your deepest goals, yearnings and desires.  Then it will help you choose which avatar is a good one for each one of your particular desires, specifications, goals, or yearnings (recursive, huh!).  So you can watch yourself in action in the real world and analyze yourself and understand that in the real (theoretical) world. 


Gotta go. My dog’s in heat. 









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