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If we are getting into ancient Sanskrit words (trend du jour?), wouldn’t “satsang” (the collective search for the highest truth) be closer to what we seek in this group?  While now adopted by more yoga types to be used as a word for a gathering of yogis who collectively search for the ultimate truth, it’s original meaning is a concatenation of sat = true, sanga = company.  Funny how scientists and hippies are both seeking the same thing.  Life must be great!



On 7/17/09 2:11 PM, "ravi sharma" <drravisharma@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Purna is the Sanskrit name for Whole or Completeness and in Indian Philosophies, it is difficult concept to realize but easier to conceptualize - it is conceived as made of both numerable and innumerable combinations e.g. 1= 1/2+1/2=14+3/4=1/8+1/8+1/4 etc. but the concept of Whole is infinite because you can take whole from the whole and still be left with whole in infinite sense.
This is the origin of not only the Whole Numbers but also of Decimals and what is known in the West as Arabic numbers 1-9 as the Arabs learned it (from their East or from Indo-European Sanskrit language?).
In terms of neurology-cognition, it is a very developed state, philosophically.
On mundane level show one apple to a patient and they raise one finger in response, two apples and two fingers, etc.

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