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According to the dictionary,
    the syntax of a language is
    the grammatical rules for combining terms
    into phrases and sentences of a language.
    the semantics of a language is
    the relation of terms to their meanings --
    the things which those terms denote/refer to.
In a most unfortunate perversion of definitions,
probably due to the influence of Noam Chomsky,
"formal semantics"/"model theory" is concerned
with the syntax of a language, independent of
the semantics of a language.  Formal semantics
looks at the properties of the syntax of a language
which do not depend on the actual semantics of the
That is why I associate
syntax with "possible meaning"
and semantics with "real meaning".
You (and Pat Hayes and Chris Menzel) are very
focused on syntax.  Whenever I mention some
issue relating to the semantics of mKR, you change
the subject to [the "missing" documentation of]
the syntax of mKR.
Let's not lose sight of the fact that semantics
logically precedes syntax.  As a language evolves,
there is an interaction between syntax and semantics,
but syntax is the servant of semantics.
Dick McCullough

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