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The context of a proposition consists of
    space, time, view
Each person has his/her own view(s), named v,
at this time, named t
    at time=t, view = v {...};
The "open web" provides an opportunity to compare
and merge views.
I take "closed world" to mean facts known at this time, view.
I take "open world" to mean reasoning about future facts,
e.g., facts about new instances of concepts which are
subsumed by a genus-differentia definition.
Dick McCullough
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just a quick thought without having investigated much of Kr yet

the system you propose works in a closed world (the diary) where the representation of the context can be
established a priory and controlled
in the open web, how would the system capture that context, considering you have no control over how people number their knowledge


On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 2:33 PM, Richard H. McCullough <rhm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
<John Sowa>
But we have consistently complained about the vagueness of
what you call "context".

<Dick McCullough>
Here's a thought experiment to explain the nature of "context".

from <www-rdf-interest@xxxxxx> 15 December 2002
begin QUOTE
Here's my most fundamental view of context.
Imagine that I decide to record all my knowledge in a diary.
Every day, I write propositions in my diary, numbering them 1, 2, ....
Today, I record proposition 123456789; the context of proposition
123456789 is the list of propositions from 1 to 123456788.
It's that simple!

My KR language and KE program is my way of
recording, organizing & using a large list of propositions.

Going from thought experiment back to real life,
my "context" is the entire contents of my brain.

To make practical use of this "context" in any particular case,
I can select only those propositions which are relevant to
the particular case, and I can use genus-differentia definitions
to summarize the results of many propositions.

Dick McCullough

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