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Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 12:35:37 -0700
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(pls see below)
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> Any predictions?
> (see mine below)
> It has been unusually quite on this forum lately ;-)
> I think the announcement above is a good opportunity to see what this 
> community is made of. Is everyone just going to wait for more information? 
> Any guesses about what is behind this "miracle". According to some 
> believes stated on this forum for years - there got to be some "Upper 
> Ontology" involved in this new search engine for it to do what is claimed. 
> Or may be, as suggested by others, - a lattice of theories. Would't this 
> be a good time for "I told you do". I guess it is safer to wait out until 
> all is clear.
> Well, since I have no reputation to risk here, I will venture to say that 
> this is another hyped-up promotion for cache-strapped venture. Remember 
> when Google started there was no hype - it just came and just worked.
Ahhh, but Google only brought us a better way to do SEARCH while Wolfram may 
be bringing us FIND, the real game changer.
Some years back ASK Jeeves tried to bring us a question answering capability 
but didn't quite make it.    (02)

I'll bet that Alpha leverages one or more hardware constructs that differ 
considerably from the stored program computer thusly allowing quick, cheap 
resolution of combinatorial situations.  This was the topic of Project 4 
that I volunteered to start on the SUO forum and never got around to.    (03)

Jack Ring     (04)

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