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Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 14:01:00 +0000
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John,     (01)

Thank you for references, but I still fail to see any possible connection 
between Wolfram's prior work and his new search engine
>In any case, Mathematica works, and I believe that it is
>sufficient to support something like the the claims made
>for Wolfram Alpha. That is independent of the NKS book.    (02)

It may be sufficient for some venture capitalist, but not for a person who 
spend his life thinking about capturing and sharing knowledge with computers.
Despite all grandiosity of Wolfram's endevoure, it has a clear conceptual 
framework based on CA. The claims for what can be explain and simulated with it 
are new (and still controversial), but not its main premise - that complex 
behavior can be explained by simple rules. So if we apply that main premise to 
knowledge capturing and search, then some simple scale-free structure must put 
to work for this task. Any guesses what it may be? I wonder why not just tell 
us what it is. Is Wolfram afraid that we can't understand until we see?     (03)

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