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Re: [ontolog-forum] History of the Atomic Hypothesis

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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 14:39:54 +0000
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John,     (01)

>Thanks for the support:
>LY> I believe John is trying for a very long time and with some
> > notable success to use Pierce's theory as such unifying framework.
> > I support him on this 100%.
>But I'd like to clarify the point.  I believe that Peirce's theory
>of signs provides a unifying methodology for viewing the many
>different perspectives that one can have on anything.  But some
>of those perspectives may be incompatible, and therefore, it might
>not be possible to believe all of them at the same time.
>    (02)

Absolutely! But there must be a way to resolve such conflicts and unify the 
prospectives, perhaps by some form of subsumption. I think you call it 
"meta-level reasoning". Here is a quote explaining Wittgenstein's restling with 
the same problem:     (03)

"In Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations (1953; translation 1958), by 
contrast, the very idea of representing some reality outside of culture appears 
strange. Wittgenstein wonders how we got our desire for it. Like Lyotard, he 
suspects that science is implicated, that culture seems to us to lack the 
performance-based legitimacy that science can provide; but unlike Lyotard, 
Wittgenstein thinks this lack itself lacks performance-based legitimacy.  It's 
as if we were forgetting something basic. "Back to the rough ground!" he 
exclaims, suggesting it's a reality within our culture that we don't know. What 
replaces transcendance for Wittgenstein is the effort to bring words back to 
their everyday use. Legitimation is a language game as ordinary as any other 
and has meaning only in particular circumstances. It's these circumstances that 
Hegel's metanarrative has cast out."    (04)

My take from it is that "grounding of knowledge" is a key to any effort in 
representing it. This is direction of my own efforts in developing new way of 
constructing software applications and knowledge together.    (05)

--Len    (06)

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