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[ontolog-forum] History of the Atomic Hypothesis

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Re Pierce, you wrote:


(The only book he published during his lifetime was _Photometric Researches_, which was an improvement on the methods for determining the distance to stars: (a) classify them according to their light spectra and (b) within each class, estimate their relative distances in terms of their relative brightness.)

But his major employment was at the US Coast and Geodetic Survey for 30 years.  During that time, he taught for 5 years as a part-time professor at Johns Hopkins U (from 1880 to 1885).

That was the time when he developed and published the algebraic notation for first-order logic, and he gave full credit to some of his students for critical ideas.


If he only published the one book, how do people today know about his work in semiotics?  There must be material published somewhere, perhaps by biographers.  Do you have any citations that describe his material at a tutorial level?





Rich Cooper



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