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Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 14:55:04 -0600
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At 8:16 PM +0000 1/24/08, Chris Partridge wrote:

Is the argument here that fruitfulness can ONLY be recognised in hindsight?
Is this an empirical or logical fact?

I'd say it was logical, and follows from the meaning of 'unforseen'.

...The interesting question, for me, is under what circumstances does
a more scientific approach, by being more fruitful, turn out to be more
likely to give the customer a system that is more 'fit for purpose'. This
will then help to guide practice.

That seems to beg an important issue by equating 'scientific' with 'more fruitful'. Why would these coincide? After all, the 'old' scientific theories were indeed scientific.


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