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Dear Paola,    (01)

> > I know from experience that software engineers often try to 
> build their
> > artefacts to accommodate potential future changes. How to 
> do this is an
> > active area of debate.
>  - we got to this point a few months back
> are there patterns of change?
> time is one of the factors that determines patterns of change
> >
> > If you want to argue that fruitfulness is not yet well 
> understood - I would
> > Anyway, the point I wished to make is that providing an 
> artefact that will
> > somehow support requirements that I have not yet specified 
> is recognised as
> > an important consideration by software engineers and has 
> its counterpart
> > 'fruitfulness' in science.
> >
> important point too - fruitfulness, or at least 'fitness for purpose'
> if the fruitfulness debate is  not going to be conclusive quickly
> enough    (02)

MW: No. "fit-for-purpose" is the enemy of fruitfulness. Fit-for-purpose
says that it is good enough if it does just what I need and no more.
Fruitfulness is about the unexpected usefulness that was not part of
the original purpose.    (03)

MW: By the way, fruitfulness is not more expensive (in my experience)
than fit-for-purpose. It is mostly about the way you approach problem
solving.    (04)

Regards    (05)

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