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I support such a forum session.


I looked at Adobe Document Briefly, similar to context data there is this accepted notion of business context which links business functions and processes to information and data and is among the first or early activities before use cases and business process models and data architectures are generated.




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Disclaimer: The following is only my opinion and not that of the group.

I would honestly have to state that as a group, it is my observation that we have several diverse opinions on this subject.   Even though I have my own theories, this group has not unanimously agreed on the topic by any means.  Pat’s writing is  of high quality and recommended reading (IMO) however there are questions which we might pose.  

This is precisely why I really want to hear and weigh the diversity of opinions during one or more Ontolog forum sessions.


On 1/15/08 2:37 PM, "Sharma, Ravi" <Ravi.Sharma@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I would be happy to learn about what the group has already defined the word “Context” to mean.
Thanks for your help in anticipation of the same and any links relating to the same.
Best Regards.

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