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Re: [ontolog-forum] CL, CG, IKL and the relationship between symbols in

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Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2007 18:56:56 -0500
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See below.    (01)

On Dec 24, 2007, at 16:18 , Pat Hayes wrote:    (02)

>> The topic I am particularly interested in discussing here now, is  
>> this claim
>> and a similar statement in the CL requirements section 5.1.4.b.,  
>> "Any piece
>> of Common Logic text should have the same meaning, and support the  
>> same
>> entailments everywhere on the network. Every name should have the  
>> same
>> logical meaning at every node of the network."
> Right. Note, *logical* meaning. One might
> reasonably say that the meaning of "Patrick J
> Hayes" is me, in this particular world, but that
> is not its logical meaning. Its logical meaning
> is a mapping from interpretations (aka possible
> worlds) to an individual in that interpretation's
> universe.    (03)

Pat, just to clarify.  Those universes *may* include you, right?    
Just wanted to make sure nobody went away thinking that somehow CL  
universes are necessarily some kind of thing divorced from the  
everyday world.    (04)

        .bill    (05)

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