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Re: [ontolog-forum] Common Logic is now an International Standard

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Duane,    (01)

 > Would love to hear ideas but also the ontology of music is
 > something quite near to me...    (02)

For a connection between music and logic, consider the career
of Stefan Bauer-Mengelberg (see below).    (03)

Not mentioned in that article is the fact that he also translated
many of the classic papers in logic by Frege, Goedel, and others
from German to English, and he taught logic and probability at
the IBM Systems Research Institute, where I also worked for many
years.  (I am also grateful to him for getting the IBM library to
buy a very nice collection of logic books.)    (04)

He also got a grant from the Ford Foundation to develop DARMS
(Digital Alternate Representation of Music Scores).  Following
is a summary of DARMS:    (05)

    Online Resources from Beyond Midi    (06)

 > Our first 4 final tracks are available for free download at
 > http://www.myspace.com/22ndcentury    (07)

Do you have a more specific reference?  That page is so crowded
that it's impossible to find anything.    (08)

_______________________________________________________________    (09)

http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9802E4DC1739F93BA15753C1A960958260    (010)

Stefan Bauer-Mengelberg, a Conductor, 69    (011)

Published: October 28, 1996    (012)

Stefan Bauer-Mengelberg, a mathematician, conductor and lawyer, was 
found dead last Monday at his home in Amagansett, L.I. He was 69.    (013)

The cause was heart failure, said a friend, Pat Trunzo 3d.    (014)

Although Mr. Bauer-Mengelberg worked for many years as a mathematician 
for I.B.M., his simultaneous career as a conductor and teacher included 
many prestigious posts. He was an assistant conductor at the New York 
Philharmonic under Leonard Bernstein during the 1959-60 season, and 
returned in later years as guest conductor of the orchestra. He also 
served as the music director of the St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra 
from 1960-62, and as president of the Mannes College of Music from 1966-69.    (015)

His overlapping expertise in computers and music led him to devise a 
system of musical notation for computers.    (016)

Mr. Bauer-Mengelberg was born in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1927. His 
family moved to the United States when he was 12. After serving in the 
Army from 1946-47, he went on to college, receiving a bachelor's degree 
in philosophy and a master's in mathematics, both from New York 
University. Later he taught both subjects at a number of schools, 
including the New School for Social Research and Hunter College.    (017)

When he was 49, already steeped in two full-time careers, Mr. 
Bauer-Mengelberg decided to study law. He graduated from New York 
University law school, becoming a full-time lawyer. He continued his law 
practice up to the time of his death.    (018)

No immediate family members survive.    (019)

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