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LAFS.  Note 6    (02)

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As far as I can tell, Peirce uses the word "formal" in a
straightforward dictionary way, "having to do with form".
Beyond that, he is pretty consistent about using technical
terms in ways that respect their entire previous history of
usage in the relevant areas, so we can expect that his usage
will incorporate echoes of Plato's Forms or Ideas, along with
the space of connotations that Aristotle spanned with his axes
of form and matter, for example, just to pick a sufficient text
at random, as illustrated here:    (04)

| We describe one class of existing things as substance (ousia),
| and this we subdivide into three : (1) matter (hyle), which
| in itself is not an individual thing, (2) shape (morphe) or
| form (eidos), in virtue of which individuality is directly
| attributed, and (3) the compound of the two.
| Aristotle, "On the Soul", 2.1.b, ''Aristotle, Volume 8'',
| W.S. Hett (trans.), William Heinemann, London, UK, 1936, 1986.
| Cf.  
|http://www.centiare.com/Inquiry_Driven_Systems#    (05)

That should give us some form of material to work with ...    (06)

Jon Awbrey    (07)

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