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LAFS.  Note 7    (02)

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Here is what I regard as one of Peirce's clearest
and most complete definitions of a "sign", which he
defines as a thing that participates in a specified
relation to two other things, thereby constituting
a specific type of triadic relation.    (04)

| A sign is something, ''A'',
| which brings something, ''B'',
| its ''interpretant'' sign
| determined or created by it,
| into the same sort of correspondence
| with something, ''C'', its ''object'',
| as that in which itself stands to ''C''.
| C.S. Peirce, NEM 4, pp. 20-21 and cf. p. 54, online at:
| http://www.cspeirce.com/menu/library/bycsp/l75/l75.htm
| http://www.cspeirce.com/menu/library/bycsp/l75/ver1/toc.htm
| http://www.cspeirce.com/menu/library/bycsp/l75/ver1/l75v1-05.htm#m12
| ''The New Elements of Mathematics'', Volume 4,
| Carolyn Eisele (ed.), Mouton, The Hague, 1976.    (05)

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