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It's an offbeat segue, but I'll take what I can get --
Ramsey's paper "Facts and Propositions" (1927) ends
with this Concluding Unanalytic Remark:    (02)

| My pragmatism is derived from Mr Russell; and is, of course,
| very vague and undeveloped.  The essence of pragmatism I take
| to be this, that the meaning of a sentence is to be defined by
| reference to the actions to which asserting it would lead, or,
| more vaguely still, by its possible causes and effects.  Of this
| I feel certain, but of nothing more definite.  (Ramsey 1927/1990, 51).
| Ramsey, F.P. (1927), "Facts and Propositions",
| ''Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume 7'', 153-170.
| Reprinted, pp. 34-51 in F.P. Ramsey, ''Philosophical Papers'',
| David Hugh Mellor (ed.), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 1990.    (03)

Cf: http://www.getwiki.net/-Pragmatism#Ramsey    (04)

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