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Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 06:04:49 +0700
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Thanks a lot Gary

This is the kind of comparative studies I am referring to, and surely there must be more
buried in archives. (wish more were online),

 Sometimes I feel it is a little unfair to attribute to greek schools all the good thinking. It may have to do with history, politics and the winning over of the civilisations of the mediterranean that propagated the notion that everything originated in ancient Greece, as great as they were, a lot of what was there before might have been destroyed during the wars. (apparently common in history)

It is easy to see why people are reluctant to consider ancient scripts as valid sources of scientific knowledge (I like the idea of the golden embryo though, let's admit that it is a strong competitor to the genesis).

One possible answer that can be inferred from the hints contained in the text below, consistent with my empirical findings so far, is that  the cause of the chemical reactions, like the cause of all things, is to be considered as 'given'  (and designed to be  non manifest)

Good one thanks

 Chaos is simply referred to as 'came to be' (génet').

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