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Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 14:53:54 -0500
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>That is only partly true:
>  > It is my personal view that RDF and its children were really
>  > intended only to be read by specialized software tools, and
>  > some of those tools might reasonably be 'ontology editors'
>  > that present the ontology in a form that is easier to work with.
>The original GML notation was designed in 1969 as a more readable
>and typable notation that was closer to the author's intent than
>the SCRIPT formatting tags.  At IBM in the 1970s, every secretary
>learned to type GML tags, which included the basic HTML subset.
>When HTML came out, professional web designers preferred to type
>HTML tags directly (because of the WYSIAYG problem -- What You
>See Is *All* You Get).  There is no reason why XML could not
>have supported the professionals in the same way that GML and
>HTML did.
>As for RDF, I recommend Tim Bray's note about what happened:
>     http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2003/05/21/RDFNet
>     ongoing  The RDF.net Challenge
>As Tim said, "It's the Syntax, Stupid!"  And he apologized
>for it.  Unfortunately, the W3C didn't accept his apology.    (01)

OK OK, but there are now several other syntaxes 
for RDF - NTriples, Turtle, N3 - most of them 
directly about the triples, just as Tim 
recommended in 03. SPARQL will accept RDF/XML but 
uses Turtle syntax as the default. I refused to 
use rdf/xml when writing the RDF semantics 
document, and used simplified NTriples notation 
throughout, and nobody complained: and that was 
in the spec itself.    (02)

Pat    (03)

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