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Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 11:40:06 -0700
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Ed and all,    (01)

An update on support for ODM in tools:    (02)

<snip ...>    (03)

>The Protege representation is fine as far as it goes, but it is not (quite) 
>1-to-1 with OWL/DL and it is at best the leading candidate for de facto 
>standard.  Conversely, the OMG representation of OWL as a specialization of 
>UML modeling is accidentally widely implemented by UML tools that have no 
>concept of its meaning and therefore no implementation of the mapping to the 
>OWL exchange representation.  And the traditional users of UML are a different 
>audience.  So it is not clear that the OMG representation, international 
>standard though it may be, will ever be the de facto standard on which 
>training materials are based.
There are several open source projects that have been working with ODM, 
some for a couple
of years, including:    (04)

* Eclipse ATL Project includes an ODM component for translation between 
UML and OWL  see
http://www.eclipse.org/m2m/atl/usecases/ODMImplementation/    (05)

* IBM Integrated Ontology Development Toolkit  for storage, 
manipulation, query, and inference of
ontologies and corresponding instances, 
http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/semanticstk    (06)

* Sourceforge Common Logic Project  Java and ODM-based libraries for 
support of ISO Common
Logic, including RDF/RDFS/OWL interoperability, at 
(initiated by Bill Anderson)    (07)

We (Sandpiper Software) also sell a commercial plug-in to IBM Rational 
Rose for ontology development
that supports OWL import/export, and exports Java for use in production 
rule engines. We are in the
process of migrating to Eclipse, and by this fall will have a new beta 
release for No Magic's MagicDraw,
IBM RSA/RSM, and other Eclipse-based UML tools. Some of the capabilities 
for the Eclipse version will
be made available as open source, once they are sufficiently stable, 
though we are still working out the
details there. (I apologize for the plug, but it seemed appropriate in 
this context.)    (08)

While our audience does tend to be a subset of the broader semantic web 
community, there has been
significant interest in the work to date. IHMO, once ODM-based 
capabilities are available in Eclipse,
there may be more and faster uptake, particularly from the software 
engineering community. Having
said that, another barrier is that one needs decent UML representations 
of ontologies in order to
make the tools useful. To that end, also at OMG, we are starting down 
the path of creating a new
portal for ontology and vocabulary deployment, primarily for ontologies 
that are created as a part of
other OMG standards efforts, such as the current Insurance Property & 
Casualty initiative, but also for
those that are member submitted, for general development. We think that 
artifacts published on the
portal will include ODM/XMI (for RDF, OWL, Topic Maps, or CL) files as 
well as native ontologies
in RDF/XML serialized OWL, for example, or perhaps one of the other 
notations such as N3. This is
still early in the thinking, but something we think folks should be 
aware is coming.    (09)

Best regards,    (010)

Elisa    (011)

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