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Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2005 22:36:25 -0700
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Greetings All,    (01)

I have been quiet ( but monitoring) for some time now, AND thought I would
jump in briefly  only to share a link, say hello and see if an MP3 file is
bad.  In catching up on discussions, presentations and reading through many
of the linked resources, some questions and concepts required much thought .
I read through with interest the discussion on taxonomy and ontology  and
checked out linked information.  I found this site to be insightful and
resourceful for several terminologies used in discussions.  Perhaps useful
to others as well.    (02)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epistemology   Other terms included 'taxonomy',
'ontology', 'first-order logic', 'category theory' and a few more. I need a
ball park idea sometimes to grasp things at all.    (03)

One comment, was there any real conclusion to the discussion on binary
relations? I could not see a connection frankly in the category theory paper
reference to simple binary relationships, that lost me for sure.  Anyways, I
have a lot of work to do and I appreciate all the help I get from this
group.  I learn by listening and reading mostly. Perhaps one day I will have
a contribution from my experiences in developing a complex SOA to share,
which is exactly what I am building, slowly but surely.  I am focusing on
RDF implementation. This is quite difficult enough to master and I can not
foresee any pitfalls to this choice.  I am also Not focusing on using all
the XML web services standards as a solution set for my enterprise design.
I found I believe a better solution for building an SOA offering Web
Services than being encumbered by too much XML processing, using XML for
modeling everything, and building a grid design thereof. I have started from
scratch and control the application I/Os, the platform already handles most
of the XML I will ever need, thus NO XSLT.  I do plan to write a practical
book when finished. I mean why not?    (04)

Also, what is up with the June 30th recordings?  The MP3 continually breaks
up and less than half is audible. I listened through and know that this was
an informative meeting to have missed. Any chance the MP3 available on the
Internet is corrupt? No Worries,    (05)

Cecelia Hickel
Kiona Scientific
Benton City, WA 99320
Telephone PST (509) 588-2650    (06)

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