OpenOntologyRepository: Project Team Member (regular planning & admin) Conference Call - Tue 2013_11_05    (3Z8C)

This is a regular OOR Team meeting. We will be pick up from our last monthly OOR team confcall on 2013_10_01 and continue to use this meeting to work up plans and administrative details for the OOR Team for the rest of 2013.    (3Z8D)

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3.1 Review OOR priorities and focus    (40BH)

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4.1 Discussion: tactically, what shall we be doing differently in the next 6 to 12 months    (40CW)

4.2 Setting the metrics - what does "success" look like    (40D2)

4.3 Action planning for "content drive" (getting people to upload ontologies) ... (deferred discussion of this item)    (40D3)

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	Chat transcript from room: oor_20131105
	2013-11-05 GMT-08:00 [PST]
	------    (40LN)
	[6:54] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (40LO)
	 = OpenOntologyRepository: Project Team Member Meeting - Tue 2013_11_05 =    (40LP)
	This is a regular monthly planning & admin Conference Call    (40LQ)
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	Attendees: KenBaclawski (chair), MichaelGruninger, PeterYim (scribe), ToddSchneider    (40LS)
	 == Proceedings: ==    (40LT)
	[6:57] KenBaclawski: Good morning!    (40LU)
	[6:58] PeterYim: Hi Ken ... don't see you on the phone bridge yet!?    (40LV)
	[7:02] KenBaclawski: re: potential collaborators - take a look at: Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) -    (40LW)
	[7:05] PeterYim: Ken: this was previously mentioned in one of JeanneHolm's talks    (40LX)
	[7:--] MichaelGruninger / PeterYim: see also: &    (40LY)
	[7:05] PeterYim: Michael: I'll be at the ISO sc32 / 11179 meeting shortly, and can see what they think about this too    (40LZ)
	[7:13] PeterYim / KenBaclawski: they run a repository/registry too 
        - see also ... and it's even federated!    (40M0)
	[7:16] KenBaclawski: Another related standard is Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR), which 
        does not claim to be a data model at all, yet has some good ideas and it can easily be translated to UML.    (40M1)
	[7:18] KenBaclawski: see:    (40M2)
	[7:27] KenBaclawski: How do we determine the requirements and then determine the extent to which these other 
        communities have resources we can use. Perhaps a hackathon?    (40M3)
	[7:59] PeterYim: == re SOCoP-OOR issue    (40M4)
	[8:02] PeterYim: this SOCoP-OOR instance has been down since Oct-22, and it's still not recovered yet ... reflecting 
        huge issues we are having in hosting and maintaining BioPortal-based OOR instances (now, and more so in the future)    (40M5)
	[8:02] PeterYim / KenBaclawski: we will address the SOCoP-OOR instance next Monday (Nov-11, when we can meet with 
        ShinyaYamada and TejasParikh, when both of them are back from their traveling) and follow-up from there    (40M6)
	[8:03] PeterYim: whether or not we should continue to support a SOCoP-OOR instance ... or more generically, the 
        various BioPortal-based OOR instances in the long run, should be discussed (not today)    (40M7)
	[8:03] PeterYim: we also need to find out if SOCoP have plans or resources to continue supporting a SOCoP-OOR, especially 
        in view of the RPI's plan to stand up a similar ontology repository (with collaboration/support from Stanford too)    (40M8)
	[8:04] PeterYim: Peter also announced plans to start paring down support activities in anticipation of his 
        retirement (possibly in 6~12 months)    (40M9)
	[8:06] PeterYim: @Ken: I still need a session plan from you and Till for the Nov-12 OOR-Hackathon n.05 ... please advise.    (40MA)
	[8:22] KenBaclawski: I will check with Till.  Thanks for reminding me.    (40MB)
	[8:05] PeterYim: -- session ended: 8:03am PST --    (40MC)
 -- end in-session chat-transcript --    (40DZ)

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 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2013.11.05-11:18am PDT
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (40EA)

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