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Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 16:49:52 -0800
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Dear Colleagues,
        On behalf of the "Large-scale Domain Applications" track (Track 4)
of the Ontology Summit we would like to share with you what this track is
trying to bring out. As you may be aware, some of the other tracks and
cross-track conversations will be talking about the practice of systems
engineering, or quality issues, or about engineered systems in general. This
track is designed to bring to the table some real-world examples from the
perspective of any of a number of application domains. So, for example, one
conversation might be about how large scale systems in the biomedical domain
have used ontologies to meet their requirements. Or, we might be talking
about how the smart grid "system" could be using ontology for better
interoperability among utilities. Or, how U.S. government systems are using
ontology to connect the dots among agencies. But most importantly, we want
to hear about actual applications that will keep us honest - what worked,
what didn't work, where did it make sense to use ontologies and where was it
a mistake?    (01)

        This first posting is to put the following questions on the table:    (02)

1. Do you know of a good example of a large-scale domain application where
someone could lead us through the ups and down of using ontological methods
in its design or implementation?
2. Can you help us find the best speaker to participate in one of our two
panel sessions (February 16th and March 8th)?    (03)

So far, we have thoughts in the three domains mentioned above:    (04)

Biomedical applications
Smart grid architecture
Government systems    (05)

Please add to this list, and share your knowledge of systems and opinions
about what has worked.    (06)

- Steve Ray, Trish Whetzel            (07)

Steven R. Ray, Ph.D.
Distinguished Research Fellow
Carnegie Mellon University
NASA Research Park
Building 23 (MS 23-11)
P.O. Box 1
Moffett Field, CA 94305-0001
Email:    steve.ray@xxxxxxxxxx
Phone: (650) 587-3780
Cell:      (202) 316-6481
Skype: steverayconsulting    (08)

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