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From: henson graves <henson.graves@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 11:00:47 -0600
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 The track co-champions are soliciting input, participation, and references
for the two tracks on engineering of large systems and the resulting
engineered systems.     (01)

My interest for the engineering tracks is to establish dialog in the Summit
not only to identify engineering problems for which ontology can offer
solutions.  But to go beyond that to dialog on what ontology results and
methodology can be applied and look at use cases for its application. Many
people in the industry of developing and using engineered systems are aware
that ontology may provide value to many of their problems and issues.  But
the industry position is what ontology technology can help, how do we use
it, what are the benefits, and what will it cost. At least this has always
been the management response when I have taken proposals regarding ontology
forward in industry.    (02)

If this did not go to the general interest list, someone give me a pointer
to the right one.    (03)

- Henson Graves    (04)

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