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Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2015 10:15:48 -0700
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I have been watching the discussion about Endurantism and Perdurantism with some caution over the past weeks, but I’m at last driven to ask a simple, pragmatic question:


Can anyone recommend an ontology that I could build on that handles relativistic time – specifically I’m talking about general relativity, not special relativity, meaning that I am concerned with capturing events involving clocks that are ticking at different rates (orbiting GPS clocks tick more slowly than similar clocks on earth’s surface, and a signal traveling from a GPS clock to earth moves from one time frame to the other). It’s bad enough to have to worry about assertions that extend over finite spans of time, but I need to think about who’s time frame I’m talking about.


Has anybody defined such an ontology?



- Steve


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