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Re: [ontolog-forum] Patent application for using a formal ontology in NL

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Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2014 02:56:37 -0700
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You wrote:    (01)

                On 7/8/2014 7:41 PM, Rich Cooper
                > it's about force levied by
governments against free markets.    (02)

                I agree.  And if you look whose
pulling the strings behind
                the curtains, it's the
corporations.    (03)

Only with collusion from the govt.  Lobbyists
"give" money to their favorite legislators (the
ones who vote the way their clients say) to help
them get elected.  It is that self-interest of the
clients that causes them to buy the elected and
the electorate.  But it is the elected govt that
votes in the collusion laws, such as tax credits
for solar arrays on your roof here in CA.      (04)

35 miles from me, just outside Palm Springs, there
are hundreds of enormous wind mills, most just
standing still, many turning slowly, all killing
birds (the American Eagle was hit last week), none
producing enough electricity to justify their
costs, none storing up power, just thrusting it
onto the grid when the wind blows, along with
solar power thrusting onto the grid when the sun
shines, but nothing at night in windless weather.
That makes the electricity company take up the
slack at the most expensive possible time, driving
the costs.      (05)

                Fundamental principle:  Every
corporation at every opportunity
                will do everything it can to
destroy the free markets.    (06)

Yes, absolutely.  It's not a fundamental ECONOMIC
principle, it's a fundamental POLITICAL principle.
It's true of companies big and small, who are
answerable to their customers and owners.  The
problem is that govt provides ways to get that
destruction, and loves it.      (07)

                Adam Smith's invisible hand only
works when you have free markets.    (08)

You mean like Tesla?  There is so much govt money
behind Tesla that Elon Musk can't walk straight.
He is a very smart man, with a lot of political
savvy, and he knows how to buy legislators.  He is
licensing his patents out to the electric vehicle
field generally because he can make more money
monetizing his R&D than building cars.      (09)

There is so much distortion of the solar market by
govt bribe money "developing" the solar power
market, it isn't worth getting into for any but
the big players who can buy govt support.  That is
what you call the "free market"?    (010)

The usual route is that someone with a financial
discount (tax credits, plain old govt cash, .)
buys enough govt officials to get their special
case pleaded to the committee chairman by one
shill, then another shill gives the media a song
and dance about how it's doing exactly the
opposite of what it is actually doing.  The media
laps it up because they can count on more tidbits
of "news" without having to vet it.      (011)

                Small businesses need free
markets, and the big corporations
                do every possible to make them
unfree.    (012)

                John    (013)

That is absolutely correct, and it is what they
should do: that is their job - to make money for
the stockholders in any legal way.  The problem is
that govt doesn't enforce the laws against insider
trading, financial probity, mergers &
acquisitions, antitrust law, and lots of other
laws when the business owners make objections and
back it with bribes and propaganda.      (014)

We need a way to keep govt more transparent, and
to eliminate the lobbyists cash and propaganda.
Especially, there should be no business with a
special deal.  And since the laws that give that
special deal supposedly apply to every business,
but in actuality, only a few huge businesses are
able to pursue that "tax break" to "clean up" or
"generate free electricity" that just costs more
to produce elsewhere.      (015)

We need ways to make sure that the laws are passed
with language that ensures the feasibility of
operating a business with reasonable
profitability, even if that business has no govt
influence, so long as the customers like the
business, and it is economically free of govt
strings.      (016)

-Rich    (017)

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