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Re: [ontolog-forum] Named Graphs, Statements, and Triples

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Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 08:15:09 -0700
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John Sowa's earlier remarks about IKL and "that" identified
the fundamental issue underlying this entire thread.
The details relating to graphs and triples are not important.
What's important is the treatment of propositions and
sentences (using John's terms). I will simply use the term
proposition.    (01)

The knowledge representation must be able to specify the
properties of propositions.    (02)

The mKR language (http://mkrmke.org) is an example of how
this can be done.  The three fundamental classes are
entity, characteristic (aka property) and proposition.
Every proposition has a name, either specified or
automatically generated.  Any list of propositions can
be named - this is a user-defined context (aka view).    (03)

Dick McCullough
Context Knowledge Systems
What is your view?    (04)

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